When you have to script a digital education project and finally hit a wall:

  1. Krystahl wants to save up to buy a pair of sequinned gym shorts just like the ones she saw in a P!nk video. They cost $65 because they are the vision of an ARTISTE and also several children had to die in order for these shorts to be mass produced. But Krystahl doesn’t care, because she will wear her sparkly shorts until P!nk is a mere footnote in pop cultural history, which hopefully is sooner rather than later. Krystahl already has $12 saved and figures out that she can save $7 per week for her shorts. How many weeks will it take for Krystahl to wear the shorts she maybe-might-hopefully wear on her wedding day, if not to the local mall for several weekends in a row?

  2. Krystahl’s frenemy, Mercedes, has become deeply enamoured by a fairy floss dress in a Katy Perry video which she’s found a dupe of on Etsy, because some people are in the fortunate position of being a wildly talented seamstress who have their finger on the persistent but by-no-means-impressive pulse of youth matters. This dress will cost $180 because it is #ART and the maker had to TiVo ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ for, like, three weeks in order to get this made so the labour and sacrifice have really been priced into this dress. Luckily Mercedes has been given $100 for her birthday and can save $14 per week to get to her goal. How many weeks until she can rock her frock? Will she get there before Krystahl? Find out who's first in and best dressed in next week's episode! (Or do the math and find out NOW!)