Four payments, two audiences

QuadPay is a buy-now-pay-later company. Back when they were just breaking into the U.S. market they came to Chello looking for one thing: a tone of voice. It’s pretty rare that clients only want to know how they might sound, rather than how they look. But because QuadPay is built into the check-out process, the retailers they serve have their own customers.

They wanted to define how voice might change between retailer and consumer.

Because they were quite a new company, they didn’t have much to start with. But they knew their customer would be a young woman who was debt-averse and very interested in fashion. I got to work trying a few descriptions that could steer their voice on social media and for their own website.

It’s time to QuadPay something when you haven’t seen your mailman in a whole week. You gotta make time for the ones you love.

We landed with a forthright voice that was smart but not smug. It was frank, empowered and a real bon vivant. We used the active voice, unexpected endings to well-worn idioms, avoiding hedging verbs, using on-topic emojis and some simple punctuation tips.

For retailers the tone was much more subdued and straight-shooting, the aim was to keep language clear and crisp but still human. This meant keeping one idea to a sentence, checking how many verbs it took to get to the relevant action, keeping common contractions and avoided less accepted ones (like doin’ or ‘cause). This needed to be a brand that would just work and that needed to be reflected in the words it used.