Volkswagen CX Summit 2017


Copywriting for a conference about ‘moments’

Volkswagen are serious about trying to improve the customer experience. But as a car company, where their most likely customers go into showrooms everyday, it’s much harder to control the experience than through digital mediums.

As a result, they invest in their sales staff to inspire them to create experiences rather than chase sales. This conference was centred around the idea of ‘moments’ in keeping with one of the speakers’ subject matter.

Moments matter because they define entire experiences. When you look back on the happiest day of your life you don’t remember every minute of the day, you remember the peak moments of your experience, and the emotions you had immediately afterwards.

VW doorhanger.jpg

Volkswagen wanted to extend this theme into every corner of their summit, to echo the idea of these small details defining larger memories. I wrote a flexible manifesto for the summit intended to become became a real life microcopy appearing across the three-day event.