A new identity

FiComm is a US-based communications agency. They work with financial services brands to speak to highly specific audiences in compelling ways. But despite being experts in communications and branding, they weren’t decided on their own brand. They wanted an objective, strategic and creative eye to bring a new vision their brand.

Turning a logo into a brand

FiComm had a logo and brand colour that they really liked and they’d been using the visual metaphor of the periodic table to allude to the ‘science’ of communications.

But they needed more visual elements and a strong verbal identity to build a brand.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 10.57.37 am.png

To create their a verbal identity, I went straight to the soul of what they do: crafting words. Rather than ‘science’, we gravitated towards the raw, inexplicable power and influence that words can wield. The result is an assertive, crisp and deft brand ‘voice’ that is highly identifiable and more representative of FiComm’s offering.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.00.10 am.png

Verbal, visual and digital

Vivid language became a visual consideration. It shaped the colour pallette, the use of outlining and fill to emphasise certain words, and even website animations that mimicked the act of typing. It was a delight to work with a dedicated designer and developer to imagine a brand led by language — and then carry it through to a striking website that is unlike any of their competition.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 10.37.50 am.png