The Freedom Partnership



The Freedom Partnership was a collaboration between the Salvation Army (or ‘Salvos’ in Australian vernacular) and a high-profile law firm, which sought to address modern slavery.

Slavery is covert. People who end up in slavery are likely to be disenfranchised, are sometimes blackmailed into subjugation and are unlikely to have social support to turn to for help. The prevalence of slavery in the modern age is almost certainly underestimated.

It’s assumed that modern slavery is in many of the products we buy. Even as a conscious shopper, it’s impossible to monitor the suppliers to a brand, or the suppliers to the suppliers. It’s likely we all support slavery through our purchases.

This is a jarring idea. It’s hard to confront. Especially if you’re a company manufacturing products that may rely on this injustice.


Ahead of new legislation demanding that large Australian companies rid their supply chains of modern slavery, The Freedom Partnership wanted to send a brochure outlining the issue and the need for compliance. They came to Chello.

We thought that for a topic of this importance, a brochure wasn’t enough. Our talented designer came up with the idea of a poster that could be displayed, and would be folded in a style that piqued curiosity and forced people to engage.

The result is this haphazard and disorienting poster that demands attention. I rewrote the copy so that the text could be read in small ‘chunks’ and in any order, so that as a reader unfolded it they would glimpse the systemic issues in play. The colour palette was restricted and paired with hand-drawn illustrations to contrast severity with vulnerability.